To whom it may concern:

To whom it may concern:

You are probably wondering what could this post possibly be about!? Well, I wanted to share my summer plans. Now you’re probably thinking, “Who blogs about their plans?” I do and I will start at the very beginning. No, not the beginning of time and what the Lord’s plan for my life is, but when the Lord broke me down and said, “Your plans are not my plans, so stop right where you are.”

My friend, A, had told me all about her experiences working as a lifeguard at Shocco Springs Conference Center. Shocco is a host facility for events held by Christian and nonprofit groups and organizations. After she had told me all about it, I thought…Why not? I don’t have any summer plans and it would be an awesome experience. So, I filled out the application and mailed it in. I waited and waited. Later, I received an e-mail from Shocco and it wasn’t pleasant either. It said that I had been placed on a waitlist to be hired. So I’m on the waitlist and the upcoming weekend was DNOW at Huffman Baptist Church. Our theme was Kairos. Kairos: the time in which God breaks into your day and teaches you something. The takeaway I got from DNOW was that the Lord’s plan is far greater than mine. And man, did He show me.

About three weeks later, I got another e-mail and it said that I had not been hired. WHAT. I thought for sure that I would have gotten the job. I was upset and eventually just brushed the rejection off. Little did I know, that the Lord was at work.

After I had gotten the rejection e-mail, I sat down and started to freak out because that was my one shot to have a job this summer. I had no other plans and no money to go on the mission trip with my youth group from home. After I was done throwing myself a pity party, I went to the Lord in prayer. I prayed…I can’t do anything on my own. I need you, Lord. I need you to take my hand and guide me through life because my plans are nothing and cannot be compared to yours. I am giving my summer plans over to You because I know that whatever I am supposed to do, it is going to be ALL for Your glory. This prayer continued for the next two weeks.

Then, I received an e-mail saying that I was invited to an interview weekend. WHAT. I quickly replied yes and fell to my knees thanking God for providing. Now, fast forward to the actual interview weekend where I had my Basic Skills Test that morning, sped down highway 280, and made it in the nick of time to the actual interview. The interview went great, the tour of Shocco was awesome, and I knew that that is where I was supposed to be this summer.

I get a call three days later asking if I wanted the job to be a lifeguard at Shocco. YES. *cue fist pump* I was ecstatic and was told about when I would move in and all the small details [like how I have to pass the lifeguard class–big prayers are appreciated!!] I was also told about an amazing opportunity to go with the Shocco Resident Summer Staff to Haiti! Want to know something amazing? I have been praying for an opportunity to go and do missions outside of the United States and specifically Haiti. Want to know something even more amazing? For some reason, Haiti had been on my heart for the past few months and I felt that I needed to go at some point in my life. INDEED THE LORD PROVIDES. 

So, from August 2-9 I will be serving the Lord with others in Haiti and I’m STOKED.

It was the Lord’s plan for me to be knocked off of my high horse, to work at Shocco, and to get to go to Haiti [a place that has been on my heart for the past few months]. I’m so ready to see what else the Lord has set before me this summer!


a soul in awe of our King

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. Isaiah‬ ‭55‬:‭8
Declare his glory
 among the nations, his marvelous deedsamong all peoples. Psalm 96:3

“Shout it, go on and scream it from the mountains. Go on and tell it to the masses, That He is God.” [All The Poor and Powerless by All Sons & Daughters]

p.s. see that cute [yet fuzzy] picture that’s the header–and at the end–of this post? My Dad and I designed that for a tshirt fundraiser for my mission trip to Haiti…COOL RIGHT!?



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